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Neuropsychology Specialty Updates

June 2016

— Richard Ziegler, PhD, LP

Neuropsychologist shares expertise on educational evaluations

A recent article offers legal context and clinical guidance for those providing independent educational evaluations in the schools. These evaluations help determine a student’s eligibility for services but require the pediatric neuropsychologists conducting them to grasp related medical-legal issues as well as advanced assessment techniques. The article highlights the laws governing independent educational evaluations and the procedures for conducting the assessment. Authored by University of Minnesota Health pediatric neuropsychologist Richard S. Ziegler, PhD, LP, the article is in press in the Journal of Pediatric Neuropsychology.

Clinical trial enrolling to test TBI educational tool

University of Minnesota Health announces a currently enrolling clinical trial to test a decision aid to assist parents of children diagnosed with traumatic brain injury (TBI). Developed by M Health physicians and colleagues, the decision aid, called Head CT Choice, seeks to help parents understand how the severity of their child’s head trauma is determined and their child’s quantitative risk for a clinically important TBI. The clinical trial will test whether use of Head CT Choice significantly increases parents’ knowledge and decreases the rate of head CT use and/or 7-day total healthcare utilization. The principal investigator is Jeffrey Louie, MD. For more information, please contact Dan Nerheim at 612-625-5904 or

— Margaret Semrud-Clikeman, PhD, LP

Teacher resource on brain function and learning released

A new resource promises to bring the insights of neuropsychology to the task of tailoring educational approaches to individual learners. Developed by M Health pediatric neuropsychologist Margaret Semrud-Clikeman, PhD, LP, the resource offers suggestions on selecting teaching strategies and designing lessons for different children at different levels of readiness. It includes discussions of brain development by age category, myths and facts about brain development and learning, and information on meeting the needs of special learning populations. “Research in Brain Function and Learning: The Importance of Matching Instruction to a Child’s Maturity Level” is available on the American Psychological Association website

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