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May 2015 - Aortic Care

Study supports aggressive approach after ascending aortic dissection repair

Acute ascending aortic dissection usually extends into the more distal aorta, and survivors of emergency repair often require a subsequent aortic re-intervention. Gabriel Loor, MD, a University of Minnesota Health cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon, and colleagues assessed early- and long-term outcomes and risk factors after emergency repair of ascending aortic dissections in a cohort of 305 patients who had undergone distal aortic interventions. They found that rigorous follow-up with early re-intervention is important for improving short- and longterm outcomes. The article, entitled “Distal aortic interventions after repair of ascending dissection: The argument for a more aggressive approach,” appears in the April issue of The Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery.

Video presents endovascular arch replacement case

A recently released video details a successful endovascular aortic arch replacement for a patient with multiple, complex comorbidities. University of Minnesota Health Aortic Centeraffiliated physicians Gabriel Loor, MD, Rumi Faizer MD, and Ganesh Raveendran, MD, and colleagues published the video “Endovascular Arch Replacement” through the Cardiothoracic Surgery Network. ( The video presents the case of an aortic aneurysm patient with an extensive list of comorbidities and prior open dissection repair. She presented with chest pain and a 6.5 cm dissecting aneurysm of the aortic arch.

The video presents the endovascular strategy that was proposed, given the patient and team’s reluctance to undergo an open repair, and the procedure’s successful outcome.

Aortic Center team members serve on panel of experts

Aortic Center team members Gabriel Loor, MD, Rumi Faizer, MD, and Michael Rosenberg, MD, participated as expert presenters at the 2015 Society of Interventional Radiology conference in Atlanta, GA. The three served as moderators of the session on complex aortic disease. Dr. Gabriel Loor was invited to speak on the latest hybrid approaches to endovascular treatment of the aortic arch. Every year experts from around the world gather at the conference to discuss the most up-to-date endovascular treatments for aortic disease.

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May 2015 - Aortic Care

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May 2015 - Aortic Care

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