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Transplant Specialty Updates

March 2018

Kidney transplant clinics to reach multicultural communities

New clinics designed to foster community engagement will seek to educate underserved populations in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area about kidney donation and transplant. Established by University of Minnesota Health transplant specialists, the outreach clinics are designed to engage Hispanic, Somali, and Hmong communities in hopes of improving patient education and knowledge about transplant. The clinics will work to ensure that patients with kidney failure understand the treatment options – dialysis or transplant – and that they have the information to make an informed choice.

The new clinics will focus on bringing together patients, families, and community members for presentations on the risks and benefits of transplantation and the advantages of living-donor kidney donations. Translators will be available and, in some instances, will be integrated into the transplant team. The clinic for Hispanic patients includes a bilingual licensed practicing nurse, while a hepatologist at the clinic for Somalian patients can also serve as a translator. Physicians will assess the clinics to determine whether they improve understanding of donation and transplant. The first clinics will open in early 2018.

Donor lost-wages clinical trial opens

A multicenter, randomized clinical trial examining the effect of wage reimbursement for living-kidney donors on the rate of transplantation (NCT03350269) is recruiting participants at University of Minnesota Health. The researchers speculate that, when potential kidney donors of the randomized recipients know that they will be reimbursed for wages lost as a result of evaluation for and recovery from kidney donation, they will be more likely to choose to consider donation. Ty B. Dunn, MD, MS, serves as the site’s principal investigator. To enroll or request information on the trial, contact Sarah Eischen at 612-626-2498,

Nephrologist joins transplant team

University of Minnesota Health welcomes board-certified nephrologist and transplant physician Daniel Keys, MD, to the Transplant Care team. Keys received his medical degree from the University of Minnesota and completed residency and a transplant fellowship at the University of Colorado, Denver.

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