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Heart Care Program Updates

February 2015

Midwest Valve Symposium hosts international experts

University of Minnesota Heart Care providers will be hosting the annual Midwest Valve Symposium on April 10-11, 2015, at the Hyatt Regency in Minneapolis, MN. The course directors are Heart Care specialists Gregory Helmer, MD, Kenneth Liao, MD, and Ganesh Raveendran, MD. Continuing medical education credits will be available. The symposium will also include a breakout program for nurse coordinators led by Deb Dempsey, RN, Structural Heart Care Coordinator at University of Minnesota Medical Center. Learn more about continuing education.

PARACHUTE IV trial enrolling

PARACHUTE IV, an FDA-approved Phase II trial, will compare the efficacy of the Parachute device (Cardiokinetix. CA USA) with medical therapy and is enrolling patients with ischemic cardiomyopathy with an ejection fraction between 15% and 35% with an anteriorwall motion abnormality. The Parachute device is designed to deploy inside the left ventricle and to restore its shape and elasticity. Deployed in the heart via a catheter, this device promises to offer a minimally invasive treatment option that requires just an overnight stay in the hospital.

Principal investigator is Gladwin Das, MD. Enrollment contact is Emily Caldwell, RN: 612 899 2175;

Clinical trial of repositionable TAVR device now enrolling

The REPRISE III trial is a randomized open-label study comparing the safety and efficacy of the Lotus valve system against already approved, firstgeneration TAVR devices. The Lotus™ Aortic Valve System (Boston Scientific, Marlborough, Massachusetts) is the first TAVR device that is both fully repositionable and retrievable prior to release. To be eligible, patients must have symptomatic, calcific, severe, native AS and must be considered at extreme or high risk for surgical valve replacement. The Heart Care team is now enrolling eligible patients at University of Minnesota Medical Center.

The principal investigator is Gregory Helmer, MD;

Clinical trial of MitraClip for mitral regurgitation

The COAPT Trial is a prospective, randomized, multicenter, parallelcontrolled trial of the MitraClip® device for the treatment of moderate-tosevere functional MR in patients with symptomatic heart failure who are at extreme or high risk for traditional surgery. The study will examine the safety and efficacy of the MitraClip device with standard care versus standard care alone. This phase III trial is designed to generate clinical and economic data to support reimbursement and the development of treatment guidelines. Eligible patients are now being enrolled at University of Minnesota Medical Center.

The principal investigator is Gladwin Das, MD;

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