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Pediatric Sleep Specialty Updates

December 2014

— Helena Molero Ramirez, MD

New physician joins the sleep medicine team

Helena Molero Ramirez, MD, joined the Division of Pediatric Pulmonary Medicine on July 15, 2014. Dr. Ramirez has completed a fellowship in pediatric sleep medicine, allowing her to apply her dual areas of expertise to the diagnosis and management of patients with medical sleep disorders and/or behavioral sleep problems. She specializes in the management of patients with sleep complaints who also have developmental or medical disabilities.

Dedicated pediatric polysomnography laboratory now open two nights per week

Sleep studies in children require equipment and techniques that differ from those used for studies in adults. That is why the polysomnography laboratory at University of Minnesota Medical Center is now dedicating two nights per week solely to the evaluation of pediatric patients. The laboratory, located in the Riverside Professional Building, can be easily accessed from the University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital and offers a child-friendly environment where parents or caregivers can stay close by overnight.

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