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Cancer Care |September 2016

New Research Center Targets Spreading Cancers

University of Minnesota research center brings together biophysicists and cancer specialists in the study of rapidly spreading cancers. Initial investigations will focus on glioblastoma cells.

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Cancer Care

Sept-2016-Neuro-Onc-cancer-cell GkdVLddO20 contactRhondaZurn

September 2016

Awake Craniotomy with Speech Mapping Allows Patient to Return to Work

Intraoperative mapping of patient’s brain enables resection of a large, infiltrative tumor while preserving the patient’s speech function.

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Heart Care


September 2016

Mitral Valve Repair for High-Risk Patients

As the population ages, the number of individuals affected by MR is rising. Less-invasive approaches hold promise in improving outcomes for older patients and those who cannot undergo open procedures.

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Pediatric Care

iStock2609791 DOD

August 2016

New Therapies and Early Care Benefit Patients with Cystic Fibrosis

Early aggressive treatment of cystic fibrosis, enabled by newborn screenings, has markedly improved health outcomes for patients. Now promising new therapies target the gene defects linked to the condition.

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Adult Specialties


July 2016

Ultraviolet A-1 Phototherapy Expands Options for Dermatology Patients

The new high-intensity form of phototherapy can reach the inflammatory cells that drive many chronic skin conditions without requiring patients to take photosensitizing medications.

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