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Heart Care |February 2017

Empowering Heart Failure Patients to Manage Their Condition and Thrive

Among older adults, heart failure remains a leading cause of hospitalization. Outpatient programs are changing that outlook and extending quality of life for those with chronic heart failure.

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Heart Care

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February 2017

Outpatient Program Returns Patient to Independent Lifestyle

Patient education, ongoing monitoring, and tailored interventions help a patient with chronic heart failure regain his active, mobile life.

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Cancer Care


February 2017

Endoscopic Lymph Node Dissection Arrests Melanoma with Minimal Scarring

A patient with melanoma undergoes a minimally invasive femoral lymph dissection. Discharged the same day, she experienced no wound complications and remains free of melanoma recurrence.

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Adult Specialties


January 2017

Intra-arterial Thrombolysis Halts Brain Stem Stroke

Advanced imaging and specialized, team-based care enable a successful outcome for an elderly stroke patient whose condition was complicated by vascular disease.

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Pediatric Care


October 2016

Advances in the Treatment of Pediatric Sarcoma

Genomic analysis of specific sarcomas and trials of novel chemotherapy regimens provide promising new approaches to treating these rare and challenging cancers.

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