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Cancer Care |April 2018

New Therapies and Screening Efforts Improve Lung Cancer Outcomes

Screening at-risk patients can reduce lung cancer mortality by 20%. Immunotherapy such as with checkpoint inhibitors has also shown promise in improving outcomes for some patients with late-stage disease.

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Cancer Care

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April 2018

Repeat Nivolumab Achieves Near-Complete Lung Cancer Symptom Resolution

After initial treatments produced no effect, repeat nivolumab therapy results in a decrease in hilar adenopathy and a reduction of symptoms for a patient with stage IIIA adenocarcinoma.

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Pediatric Care


March 2018

Standardizing Care and Improving Outcomes in Pediatric Septic Shock

Septic shock cases are rare but deadly. New resources and guidelines tested in a research collaboration have helped speed diagnosis and care delivery and reduce mortality rates.

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Adult Specialties


March 2018

Novel Approaches to Improving Access to Donor Kidneys

The number of patients awaiting transplant continues to far exceed available donor organs. In hopes of expanding access, a new initiative re-evaluates the use of a subset of deceased-donor kidneys.

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Heart Care


February 2018

Boosting Survival Rates in Sudden Cardiac Arrest

A new protocol helps improve brain-healthy survival rates for a subset of sudden cardiac arrest patients. Developed and implemented in Minnesota, the approach is now being tested nationally.

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