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Adult Specialties |January 2017

Connecting Acute Stroke Patients to Advanced Care

As many as 1 in 20 deaths have been attributed to stroke. New endovascular therapies and systems of coordinated care are showing promise in improving these outcomes.

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Adult Specialties


January 2017

Intra-arterial Thrombolysis Halts Brain Stem Stroke

Advanced imaging and specialized, team-based care enable a successful outcome for an elderly stroke patient whose condition was complicated by vascular disease.

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Heart Care

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November 2016

Skilled Reevaluation Spares Patient with PAH from Heart-Lung Transplant

A patient with pulmonary hypertension and exercise intolerance is referred for surgery. A full reevaluation and new drug therapy stabilize the patient’s condition and return her to her former activities.

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Cancer Care

Oct-2016-Cancer-Care-Consult-Case-Study-Feature-Image-004101 00 N4 letter

October 2016

Experimental Therapy Aids Patient with Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

A novel drug combined with standard-of-care chemotherapy provides a successful outcome for a clinical trial participant. The drug therapy is being further evaluated in a phase III trial.

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Pediatric Care


October 2016

Advances in the Treatment of Pediatric Sarcoma

Genomic analysis of specific sarcomas and trials of novel chemotherapy regimens provide promising new approaches to treating these rare and challenging cancers.

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