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Cancer Care |October 2017

Immunotherapy Shows Promise in Reducing Urothelial Cancer Mortality

While chemotherapy is the first-line treatment for advanced urothelial cancer, checkpoint inhibitors have shown success in patients with bladder cancer. Clinical trials are testing their further use.

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Cancer Care

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October 2017

Therapy with Nivolumab Induces Remission in Advanced Urothelial Cancer Case

After a patient’s cancer progresses on various treatments, he opts for a clinical trial immunotherapy. At 3 months of therapy, he experiences a near complete radiographic response and resolution of pain.

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Adult Specialties


September 2017

New Approaches to Ameliorating the Health Effects of Obesity

Medications and new FDA-approved interventions aid patients in managing conditions associated with excess weight. Research into the gut microbiome may uncover yet other approaches to obesity.

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Pediatric Care


September 2017

Challenges in Diagnosing Asthma in Children

While asthma-like symptoms are common in children, successful treatment of wheezing and cough in children can require careful assessment. Pediatric pulmonologists lend some insight.

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Heart Care


August 2017

Device Assists A-fib Patients Not Eligible for Anticoagulant Use

Left atrial appendage occlusion provides an alternate approach to addressing stroke risk in patients with atrial fibrillation. The appendage is the origin of most atrial clots in those with nonvalvular A-fib.

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