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Heart Care |November 2017

New Devices in the Treatment of Heart Failure

Left ventricular assist devices have emerged as a viable heart-failure treatment or bridge to transplant. The latest LVADs seek to reduce the risk of thrombosis and further improve outcomes.

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Heart Care


November 2017

Left Ventricular Assist Device Gives Patient Time to Receive a New Heart

A patient with heart failure and complex, co-occurring conditions enters a clinical trial and receives an LVAD as a bridge to further therapy. At 2 years post-treatments, he is free of heart-failure symptoms.

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Cancer Care

Consult-Cancer-Care-October-2017-Case-study-Feature-Image- CT-scan before

October 2017

Therapy with Nivolumab Induces Remission in Advanced Urothelial Cancer Case

After a patient’s cancer progresses on various treatments, he opts for a clinical trial immunotherapy. At 3 months of therapy, he experiences a near complete radiographic response and resolution of pain.

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Adult Specialties


September 2017

New Approaches to Ameliorating the Health Effects of Obesity

Medications and new FDA-approved interventions aid patients in managing conditions associated with excess weight. Research into the gut microbiome may uncover yet other approaches to obesity.

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Pediatric Care


September 2017

Challenges in Diagnosing Asthma in Children

While asthma-like symptoms are common in children, successful treatment of wheezing and cough in children can require careful assessment. Pediatric pulmonologists lend some insight.

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