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Cancer Care |April 2017

Novel Treatment Regimens Improve Survival Rate in Multiple Myeloma

With the help of University of Minnesota Health physicians, advances in drug development and clinical trials have established the current standard of care for patients with newly diagnosed multiple myeloma.

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Cancer Care


April 2017

Autologous Stem Cell Transplant Sends Patient’s Myeloma into Remission

A new treatment regimen and modified maintenance therapy help keep the patient’s multiple myeloma in complete remission 3 years after transplant.

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Adult Specialties


March 2017

New Procedures, Technology Meet Rising Demand for Shoulder Replacement

Total shoulder arthroplasties have increased markedly in recent years as new joint technology and surgical approaches are allowing the procedure to become a viable option for more patients.

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Pediatric Care

March-2017-Peds-Heart-Care-Feature-Article-Feature-Image-Pump Range Ped2

March 2017

Advances in Bridging Children to Heart Transplant

Pediatric ventricular assist devices have improved the survival rate for infants and children awaiting heart transplant. The pediatric Heart Center, a leader in clinical trials, reports on their impact.

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Heart Care

Heart-Care-Consult-Feb-2017-Feature-Article-Feature-Image-248309 cover AJuba SMore crop1577 4C

February 2017

Empowering Heart Failure Patients to Manage Their Condition and Thrive

Among older adults, heart failure remains a leading cause of hospitalization. Outpatient programs are changing that outlook and extending quality of life for those with chronic heart failure.

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