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Pediatric Care |December 2017

Managing the Health Needs of Pediatric Cancer Survivors

New therapies have boosted the survival rate for young cancer patients, yet many will face chronic or serious conditions later in adulthood. Multidisciplinary, long-term follow-up is improving their prospects.

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Pediatric Care


December 2017

Tailored Follow-Up Care Helps Pediatric Cancer Survivor Stem Health Risks

A childhood cancer survivor finds herself facing later health effects, including a heart valve condition and carcinomas. Long-term follow-up care helps her address care needs and maintain her health.

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Adult Specialties


November 2017

Upper Airway Stimulation Device Provides Relief for Patient with Sleep Apnea

A patient with a history of sleep problems and poor tolerance for CPAP opts for a new treatment. Two months after device placement, she reports less daytime sleepiness and improved restful sleep.

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Heart Care


November 2017

Left Ventricular Assist Device Gives Patient Time to Receive a New Heart

A patient with heart failure and complex, co-occurring conditions enters a clinical trial and receives an LVAD as a bridge to further therapy. At 2 years post-treatments, he is free of heart-failure symptoms.

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Cancer Care

Consult-Cancer-Care-October-2017-Case-study-Feature-Image- CT-scan before

October 2017

Therapy with Nivolumab Induces Remission in Advanced Urothelial Cancer Case

After a patient’s cancer progresses on various treatments, he opts for a clinical trial immunotherapy. At 3 months of therapy, he experiences a near complete radiographic response and resolution of pain.

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