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Cancer Care |October 2016

Speeding the Development of Breast Cancer Therapies

A new clinical trial model draws on a database of multisite study findings to advance the discovery of new therapies. The approach is beginning to identify new drugs for difficult to treat breast cancers.

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Cancer Care

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October 2016

Experimental Therapy Aids Patient with Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

A novel drug combined with standard-of-care chemotherapy provides a successful outcome for a clinical trial participant. The drug therapy is being further evaluated in a phase III trial.

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Pediatric Care


October 2016

Advances in the Treatment of Pediatric Sarcoma

Genomic analysis of specific sarcomas and trials of novel chemotherapy regimens provide promising new approaches to treating these rare and challenging cancers.

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Heart Care


September 2016

Mitral Valve Repair for High-Risk Patients

As the population ages, the number of individuals affected by MR is rising. Less-invasive approaches hold promise in improving outcomes for older patients and those who cannot undergo open procedures.

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Adult Specialties


July 2016

Ultraviolet A-1 Phototherapy Expands Options for Dermatology Patients

The new high-intensity form of phototherapy can reach the inflammatory cells that drive many chronic skin conditions without requiring patients to take photosensitizing medications.

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